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“I don’t have to stay at the corner of the classroom alone anymore” said Yu-Ting Lin, a fifth-grader at Tong-An Elementary School, Pingtung. Jia-Jia is a volunteer student in Taipei Tech’s student club that aims to help pupil in remote areas. Yu-Ting said that she thought Jia-Jia is interesting and relaxing to talk to since the first time they met online. Jia-Jia was not only an instructor but a playmate to Yu-Ting.
Digital printing for textile is a promising industry. In order to cultivate related talents, Ministry of Labor and Taipei Tech set up a textile industry technique training center on Feb 13, 2017. The trainees are expected to get a raise and become a professional after taking center’s courses.Taipei Tech noted that Taiwan has put a lot effort into technology textile industry for standing firm in global market.
A survey focus on how well presidents of Taiwan universities did in 2016 conducted by Cheers Magazine revealed its result on February 7. Taiwan Tech and Feng Chia University got the first and second place respectively. Taipei Tech won the third place among over 150 schools in the island.
The 2017 Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEx 2017) was held in Bangkok during February 2 to 6. Taiwan delegation had an outstanding performance getting 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal in this competition.
As the Chinese New Year appears, some people can’t enjoy a nice meal due to economic or social reasons. In order to give out warmth and love to those people, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, and Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation co-organized a free catering inviting homeless people, poor families, elderly living alone, and single parent family to dine together on 22 January in Taoyuan.
In order to improve gardening tools that is strenuous for elderly, Taipei Tech team design ElderGreen that is perfect for Horticultural therapy. Combined flower-stand with trapezoid wheeled table, ElderGreen is also friendly to wheelchair users.
Shu-Kai Fan, Director of Taipei Tech’s Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management, as the Program Chair, leaded 24 graduate students to assist at the conference. To be part of this conference, our students gained not only academic knowledge but also valuable communication experience with scholars all over the world.
Taipei Tech students received two Merit Awards in the 9th Fong-He National Interior Design Graphic Competition. The Fong-He National Interior Design Graphic Competition was organized by Chinese High Quality Life Design Development Association since 2008.
In order to promote Taipei Tech students’ innovative design as well as to boost its marketing path, the scholarship provides 30 thousand TWD to any student who was awarded in top design competitions defined by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C.
Taipei Tech design for a safer bike ride experience
Clipless pedals provide you with a relaxing riding experience while pedaling in high speed. However, the pose of separating feet from the pedals is not intuitive enough.