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Hosted by the Ministry of Education and co-hosted by Taipei Tech, the 2017 APEC Career and Technical Education (CTE) Taipei Forum was held on April 25 at the GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center. Delegates from over 7 countries gathered on campus to exchange their experiences and thoughts on industry-academia cooperation models.
When traveling by airplane, does the waiting time for your luggage always seems longer than your expectation? Not even mention the possibility of mistake or missing of it. What if we can make the whole process of retrieving luggage more efficiently therefore increase the ease of passengers?
Taipei Tech is dedicated to design for the purpose of improving people’s health and safety, two of the most core and basic criteria in shaping human happiness. Taipei Tech Mask, a mask with a super high bacteria filter efficiency of 99.9%, and Mirror Warning, a safety device that target to decrease chances of traffic accident are both been recognized by the iF Design Award. The outstanding works from Taipei Tech’s teachers and students brought the university to the highest position ever on iF Design Award University ranking which is No.3 worldwide and No.1 in Taiwan.
The 2017 QS World Class seminar invited Taipei Tech and MIT to give speeches to over 120 school principals and delegates from over 20 different countries. Not only did our speaker shared school’s industry-academia cooperation experience, but also demonstrated the latest PEV R&D result.
About 30 scholars and experts from over 10 countries visited Taipei Tech for a campus tour on March 31. The visit to the C&T Laboratory showed our distinguished guests the rich R&D energy of Taipei Tech. Da-Sheng Lee, Dean of the Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation, provided an amazing and thorough introduction to the place.
Dr. Eric J. Amis, dean of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering and Vice Provost for Research at The University of Akron, recently traveled to Taiwan to visit National Taipei University of Technology. The main objective of the visit was to formally exchange a signed agreement set between Taipei Tech and The University of Akron; this is built upon the foundation of strong connections between Taiwan and the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering.
The National Model United Nations 2017 was held on March 19-23 in New York, United States. Taipei Tech team grabbed 2 awards, i.e. Outstanding Position Paper on HLPF and Outstanding Position Paper on IAEA back home this time. Competing with over 5,000 students from more than 300 schools, the excellent performance of the students showed people Taipei Tech not only emphasize students’ hands-on experience but also encourage them to engage in international affairs and think critically.
The National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to set up a “City Science Lab” to focus on the development of “smart” city infrastructure and autonomous vehicles.
Taiwan is entering an aged society, and the senior popularity percentage is already over 14%. It will be a heavy burden for young people since by average every 1.2 of them have to raise 1 senior person in 2060 according to the statistic. In order to lift some pressure from future generation, Taipei Tech put a lot of effort into long-term care market and some R&D products are ready for mass production.
Taipei Tech and University of Akron launched a 3+2 program in order to cultivate talent in polymer science and polymer engineering field together. The MOU signing ceremony took place at the International Conference Room at Taipei Tech on March 20. In the future, qualified Taipei Tech students who got all the credits they need for graduation in their third year of college can apply for pursuing higher study at the University of Akron and got not only a Bachelor Degree from Taipei Tech but also a Master Degree from University of Akron after two years of aboard study journey.