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As time passed by, the Red House Historic Monument was temporarily closed to prevent any possible damage to the interior of the aged building. In the winter of 2016, in order to renew this meaningful building, the restoration project has begun. The plan was to remodel its internal space as well as to repair its exterior look.
The 2017 City Lu Ban class launched by Wood School attracted a group of people who are interested in the art of carpentry and willing to spend hours on weekend to pursue their carpenter dream. Step by step, students followed master’s instruction and gradually create their own wood crafts from scratch.
For starter, you may bring rainwater into bus when you get on.In order to improve this problem, Taipei Tech students and faculties came up with a design concept called UltraDry Dryer, a device set up at bus shelters to help dry passengers’ umbrellas.
Taipei Tech has 620 international students and nearly 45% of them are from Vietnam.
In order to attract more people to study at Taipei Tech as well as to promote ourselves in Vietnam, we attended the Taiwan Education Fair 2017 which was held during March 10-15 at Ho Chi Minh City and Danang, Vietnam.
The 25th SAE Supermilage Competition is a huge thing for vehicle departments in academia field at home and abroad. This year, 42 teams from different schools around the country joined the event. Efficient Apex team from Taipei Tech won the first prize in Fuel-efficient Vehicle Group.
The final list that is going to compete for awards in the 2017 Young Designer’s Exhibition was announced on April 14, 20 designs from Taipei Tech stood out among 5,284 entries from 64 schools around the country to fight for 22 awards including 18 in product design, 2 in craft design, and 2 in spatial design.
In response to this global initiative of encouraging more female to be interested in the field of ICT, Taipei Tech cooperated with the American Institute in Taiwan and other organizations to launch 2017 Girls in ICT Day celebration event hosted by the Gender Equality Committee of Executive Yuan on April 27 at i-Foundry of Taipei Tech.
The 2017 Intelligent Living Makerthon begins on May 06 and will last for two days at i-Foundry of Taipei Tech. Advised by the Ministry of Education, hosted by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and organized by Taipei Tech, the competition aims to combine the spirit of Maker and hands-on experience background of students in technical education and vocational training in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship spirit.
Taipei Tech team came up with a design concept, Escape Class, which combines smoke alert with a safety reminder which will automatically project locations of emergency exits and fire extinguishers on walls and floors when guests entered its sensor zone with their RFID room card.
Facing the globalized society, how do we find our positions on the world map? Stanley Yen(嚴長壽), Taipei Tech alumni/Chairman of the Alliance Cultural Foundation shared his life experience as well as insight to Taipei Tech students on April 28.