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Taipei Tech held its International Festival that attracted nearly 500 international students on December 27 on campus. Every year, students from different countries will showcase their unique culture by all kinds of performances and enjoy themselves in this joyful gathering event.
The University System of Taipei held its 3rd meeting in 2017 on Dec 29. Twelve representatives from Taipei Tech, National Taipei University, Taipei Medical University, and National Taiwan Ocean University gathered to discuss matters related to the University System of Taipei.
A student-designed fish robot won gold in the automated control division of a Ministry of Education-hosted applied computer systems competition, which called for entries that might have further application in either military reconnaissance or resource exploration, the ministry said on Thursday.
“We want to observe environmental pollution situation through the eye of fish” said by one of the members in Taipei Tech’s gold medal winning team in 2017 National micro computer application system design competition.
In response to Industry 4.0 policy and development, the 3rd TBI Intelligent Automation Creative Project Contest was held recently and attracted entries from all over the island. The gold winning product was design by Taipei Tech Department of Mechanical Engineering team.
The Yi-Da Hall (corridor) is officially recognized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government as a cultural heritage on December 13.
Hand tremor is a nightmare for many disabled elderly and Parkinson's disease patients. In order to decrease the impact of a shaking hand, a team called Foody consisted of members from Taipei Tech and other 4 universities came up with a special design spoon that prevent food from spilling again.
The City Science Lab @ Taipei Tech (CSL) will mainly focus on Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) research and development. By contributing in areas including but not limited to Computer Science & Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electro-Optical Engineering, and so on, Taipei Tech expects to be part of the team that brings fundamental changes to the concept of transportation.
Taipei Tech Intelligent Manufacturing System Education Factory was built by Taipei Tech’s faculty and student, the first one of its kind in Taiwan. Taipei Tech president Prof Wenlung Li noted that the factory is a collaborative work integrating professionals in electronics, mechanical engineering, and programming on campus.
The outcome conference for Northern Taiwan Business Incubation Alliance was hold at Taipei Tech Innovation and Incubation Center on November 20. The event not only provides a platform for 20 teams from partner schools and enterprises to showcase their works but also connects industry experts, investors, and students.