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Taipei Tech jumped to 4th place in this year's survey conducted by 1111 Job Bank and Global Views Magazine. 1111 Job Bank and Global Views Magazine conducted this survey to learn about employers' experiences in hiringmaster's students and what they're looking for when hiring.
[ 2014-09-04 ] Carpentry on Campus
As the leader in technical and vocational tertiary education in Taiwan, National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) in Taipei City is playing a key role in the emerging trend to nurture talent in carpentry...
International Natural Sciences Tournament every year collects bright young scientists, who can generate new scientific ideas and maintain their own ideas during dynamic scientific polemics ...
Last month from June 15 – 20, President Leehter Yao, Office of International Affairs Dean Sheng-Tung Huang, and Research and Development Dean Wenlung Li visited leading universities in the Baltic regions that included Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), Riga Technical University (RTU), Vilnius University, and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU).
Paper is edible? Paper gowns are washable? Puli Township in Nantou County, Taiwan is the only remaining place of production for handmade paper. Through the active assistance of one scholar, Guangsing Paper Mill and five other handmade paper mills will display their products at the Musée des Maisons Comtoises in France, in an exhibition called “Paper is Not Dead”. Some of the products that the six paper mills will showcase include edible paper with various flavors, washable clothing and accessories, and handmade paper nightlights.
FYF and Taipei Tech opens Wood Arts Creative Park
Practical skills are a welcomed asset among employers and the key to employment. Cheers magazine is especially designed for young job seekers, providing them with latest news in the job market. According to Cheers magazine’s survey of two thousand large businesses, on the list of the top 30 university graduates that employers love to hire, a third of the schools are technical and vocational universities.
Lu, Hai-Han, professor of Electro-Optical Engineering and his research team at Taipei Tech (National Taipei University of Technology), spent 2 years developing an ultra-high speed visible light wireless network that is 1000 times faster than 4G. With ultra-high speed visible light wireless network, downloading a full length film will take less than a second. There are two highlights of the ultra-high speed visible wireless network: transmission rate is 10Gbps and transmission distance is as far as 17.5 meters.
When National Taipei University of Technology students spelled out the word “Love” in English using lights in their dorms last month, the effort was not to send a romantic message, but to express one student’s love and respect for his father. Liu Wei-yi (劉維益), a student in the industrial engineering and management department, said it took more than a month to plan the mission — along with the help of 800 fellow students — to switch the lights on or off in 200 dorm rooms. “This is the first time I have expressed my love for my father. I want to wish him a happy birthday,” he said.
Holed up in a very cramped space, a seemingly impenetrable fortress composed of laboratory equipment; tinkerers are stationed in their little workshops focused on their own projects at hand. That is the everlasting perception of Dr. Shen-Ming Chen (陳生明) towards a laboratory. As Dr. Chen meticulously and passionately goes around the lab, explaining the principles of research, one may be able to gain a better understanding of analytical techniques, biofuel cell, solar batteries, and chemical and biochemical sensors. By applying and utilizing analytical techniques as the base and foundation of scientific research, it is possible to apply such technique to compliment other research studies in order to gain more insights.