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The Ministry of Labor and Taipei Tech joint hand to cultivate talents in the field of digital printing for textile. After two-month of professional training, the outcome presentation of the first graduate class of textile industry technique training center is going to be held on June 23.
For many years, Taiwan is one of the largest economic partners of Vietnam in trade and investment. In order to let student have more opportunities to learn about Vietnam culture and its language, Taipei Tech offers Vietnam culture and language course that focus on including their economy, culture, tourism and people with special emphasis on the use of the language for communication.
India is one of the fast growing economic entities in the world. In order to let students learn more about the country and its culture, Taipei Tech’s Hindi culture and language course allows students not only learn the language but also experience various cultural activities such as Yoga and cooking Indian cuisine.
The 2017 Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum was held on June 14 in Kaohsiung. The theme of this year is Taiwan-Thailand Partnership for Enhancing Global Mobility, Innovating Leadership, and Connecting with Industry. Taipei Tech President Wenlung Li was one of the keynote speakers among three. The speech titled Collaborations in Higher Education between Thailand & Taiwan: from the viewpoints of Taipei Tech
The 2017 Aged Friendly Intelligent Living Conference hosted by the Department of Architecture was held on June 14. Five speeches were given covering topics including supportive environment design, multi-sensory stimulation activity design, and case study of aging in place in Japan.
Taipei Tech celebrates another commencement on June 10 in the recently restored Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. The 2017 graduates, over 4,000 students, gathered to mark a beginning of their new phase of life. Distinguished guests including Dr. Leether Yao, Political Deputy Minister of MOE, H. E. Ambassador Thamie Dlamini from Swaziland, Dr. Yu-hui Yang, Director-General of Technological and Vocational Education of MOE, and Xiao-shen Wang, President of Taipei Tech Alumni Association all attended the meaningful event.
Research and development is never a one man’s job. In order to reach for more cross-domain collaboration as well as to provide students a more opportunities to learning, Taipei Tech has joined the University system of Taipei since 2011. Many joint R&D results came along under cooperation between the University and its academia partners at home and overseas. To share our achievements with the public, the 2017 joint outcome conference was hosted by Taipei Tech on campus on June 9.
“Cape No. 7” was the best sell Taiwan movie and broke Taiwan box selling record in 2008. The director, Wei Te-Sheng, then continue to win the Golden Horse Awards with his documentary movie Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale in 2011. How did the legend begin and what happened before he became a nationwide famous director? Invited by Taipei Tech, Director Wei came to campus to share his story with students and faculties.
2017 joint graduation exhibition of the Department of Interaction Design and the Program of was held on June 2-5 at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. 52 pieces of design works including product design, architecture design, VR game, interaction device, and APP were displayed on the scene to wow audience’s eyes.
Bucket is a common in daily life cleaning kit. But current design is limited by the dimensions of tank causing bucket less user friendly.In order to decrease water waste and increase safety, Taipei Tech team designed a special bucket called WATHIELD that was recognized by the Industrial Design Excellence Award.