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The 4th Delta Advanced Automation Contest is themed “Seeking Smart Manufacturing Talents”. 7 teams from 5 universities among 75 participant teams are from Taiwan including Taipei Tech team led by Dr. Zeng Bai-you. Other Taiwanese schools earned the ticket for the finals are Taiwan Tech, Chung Yuan Christian University, National Formosa University and YunTech.
The late Robert Wu (吳清友) had spent years facing fierce competition in the business world, eventually coming to the conclusion that his life had developed "a kind of spiritual emptiness and unsettled purpose." It was his subsequent search for meaning that led Wu to develop Taiwan's renowned art-and-architecture bookstore chain, Eslite (誠品).
It takes a village to raise a child, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Taipei Tech team came up with a special designed cradle that aimed for lifting some of the pressure from new parent. Designed by Taipei Tech Institute of Electrical Engineering students Fang Zou-sheng, Xu Wei-xiu, Lin Wei-yu, and Lin Yu-chen and instructed by Professor Lien Guang-yu, the smart cradle can recognized 6 different sounds of baby and activate various functions in response.
Taipei Tech Wood School and National Taiwan University Design School joint-handed opened a course that gives students an opportunity to experience the glamour of wood art. 20 students from NTU were chosen among 150 applicants to attend this 5 day course and make their own wood design product from scratch.
The importance of environment conservation has been emphasized in education field for years. But what can we do to increase student’s learning interest in class and make related knowledge accessible? Taipei Tech team works hard in transforming rigid textbooks into interactive games that will easily attract student’s attention. For the past two years, the team has been dedicated in developing and improving environmental protection learning materials.
German’s vocational education is well-known for their rigorous. In order to elevate Taiwan’s vocational education development as well as increase international exchange, Ministry of Education of Taiwan has been dedicated in strengthening bilateral academic cooperation between two countries. In the future, 7 universities at Taiwan including Taipei Tech, Taiwan Tech, and Yun Tech will have tighter link to German’s 6 universities such as FH Aachen, HTW Berlin, and TU Darmstadt.
In order to promote VR technology as well as cultivate related talent in the industry, 2017 VR Jam Workshop was held from June 26 to July 2 attracting faculties and students from 7 universities across the island. Co-organized by Taipei Tech and HTC, the workshop divided participants into groups to fast create an outcome in various topics including virtual concert, visual art and sculpture, virtual idol, electronic music, costume design, and motion capture performance, etc.
The first female level A technician for freezing and air condition installation and repair is from Taipei Tech! Trainer Gu-Fong Li noted that having this certificate will at least elevate one’s income by NT$10,000 since there are only 712 of them have been issued.
Hosted by Taipei Tech, the annual networking event between alumni associations of the University system of Taipei was held on June 25 on campus. Delegates and alumni from the four universities gathered to see the school’s attractions and iconic spots. Distinguished guests including Political Deputy of MOE Dr. Leehter Yao, National Taipei University President Dao-Tong Lin, National Taipei University Vice President Cheng-Jia Li, National Taiwan Ocean University President Ching-Fong Zhang, National Taiwan Ocean University Vice President Gi-Gao Zhuang, Taipei Medical University Vice President Gian-Huang Lin all attended this meaningful event.
The Ministry of Labor and Taipei Tech joint hand to cultivate talents in the field of digital printing for textile. After two-month of professional training, the outcome presentation of the first graduate class of textile industry technique training center is going to be held on June 23.