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Taipei Tech makes gardening easier for senior people

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Taipei Tech makes gardening easier for senior people

Many researches have shown that gardening has positive impact on elderly nursing and Dementia caring. Extra hand is needed when senior participate in gardening class since traditional nursery and flower-stand require user to squat for a long time. In order to improve gardening tools that is strenuous for elderly, Taipei Tech team design ElderGreen that is perfect for Horticultural therapy. Combined flower-stand with trapezoid wheeled table, ElderGreen is also friendly to wheelchair users. 6 ElderGreen can shape a circle and enables teacher to give instructions in the core of six students. Moreover, the wooden look of ElderGreen makes user feel warm and comfortable. Mong-Cong Cheng, instructor and Professor at the Department of Industrial Design, noted that before this design go into real nursing home, it went through eight –month sampling process. The material choice of ElderGreen is wood for the comfortable and warmth it brings to users.

Leehter Yao, Taipei Tech President, noted that it is our responsibility to collaborates with top medical and social welfare organizations developing related designs when Taiwan is entering an aging society.


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