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Taipei Tech invest resource in digital printing

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Taipei Tech invest resource in digital printing

Digital printing for textile is a promising industry. In order to cultivate related talents, Ministry of Labor and Taipei Tech set up a textile industry technique training center on Feb 13, 2017. The trainees are expected to get a raise and become a professional after taking center’s courses.

Taipei Tech noted that Taiwan has put a lot of effort in technology textile industry for standing firm in global market. Digital printing for textile is environmental friendly and fast comparing to screen printing. Therefore it is the first choice for international brand ZARA.

Zong-Lun Ye, principle investigator of the center, noted that they will open two programs last for 2 months including 180 hours academic courses and trainings such as design guidance, international digital marketing and so on in March. 80% of the tuition will be paid by the government for these 2 programs.

Bo-Yao Hu, Chief of the Training and Development Division of Workforce Development Agency at Taoyaun-Yilan-Miaoli Branch, noted that digital printing costs low so many people can join the business, the match point is design. This project aims to help 300 jobless people becoming fresh troops in textile industry. Bao-Hong Ye, Chief of the Digital Print Technology Committee, said that Taiwan has international level digital print technology and the estimated value of digital print ink is over billions.


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