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Taipei Tech Lion LINE sticker is on the market now

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Taipei Tech Lion LINE sticker is on the market now

LINE is popular in Taiwan. Over 91% people are using it according to a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2016. In order to promote Taipei Tech through LINE, we now have our own LINE Sticker called Taipei Tech Lion which has officially released in March, 2017. The design team leader Mong-Fan Huang, Project Professor of Department of Industrial Design, noted that the school’s mascot is lion and by using bright color in the design, he hoped to provide a happy and energetic feeling to users. The simple yet cute image of Taipei Tech Lion is the brain child to design team. After 4 months research, discussion, and refined, the sticker is not only practical but also has deep connection to Taipei Technist for various Taipei Tech campus attractions such as Green Gate and Red House Historic Monument were appeared in the stickers.

Qiong-Yi You, design team member and also a student in Master Program of Innovation and Design at Taipei Tech, said that this is her first time creating a LINE sticker and it is an interesting experience. In order to bring final result closer to customer, You observed and studied her friends’ and family’s conversation before actually drawing the stickers. When asked about the characters in the stickers, she said that there are three lions and they all have different personalities. The male lion is outgoing and slightly naughty while the female lion is lovely and a little bit shy. As for the elder lion, he has a mean-looking face but a heart of gold. The model behind elder lion is an impression to teachers she encountered who seemed serious yet were nice to students.

Since LINE is part of our lives. We hope that students, teachers, alumni, and even people off-campus can think of Taipei Tech and find these cute stickers useful. To learn more information about Taipei Tech Lion stickers, please visit HERE.


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