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Newly launched 3+2 Program with University of Akron

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Newly launched 3+2 Program with University of Akron

Taipei Tech and University of Akron launched a 3+2 program in order to cultivate talent in polymer science and polymer engineering field together. The MOU signing ceremony took place at the International Conference Room at Taipei Tech on March 20. In the future, qualified Taipei Tech students who got all the credits they need for graduation in their third year of college can apply for pursuing higher study at the University of Akron and got not only a Bachelor Degree from Taipei Tech but also a Master Degree from University of Akron after two years of aboard study journey.

Taipei Tech has nurtured numerous experts in material resource, organic polymer materials, and mechanical engineering since its establishment in 1912. The College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering at University of Akron has two graduate institutions. Its academic research performance has long been highly recognized in United States. Taipei Tech is its first cooperative University in Taiwan that has 3+2 program and other science and research collaborations with.

Wenlung Li, President of Taipei Tech, noted that joint dual degree program and 3+2 program are trends in higher education cooperation domestically and internationally. Students can benefit from the aboard experience no matter what career they choose to have in the future. Moreover, the tuition for Taipei Tech students of this 3+2 program is rather competitive, almost 50% off, compares to other programs provided by similar schools in the U.S. for Taiwan students.

Thomas Yang, Dean of College of Engineering at Taipei Tech, noted that it takes 7 years in general for a Taiwan student to finish Bachelor and Master Degrees in a row. This 3+2 program with University of Akron enables students to do the same thing more efficiently. In addition to the program itself, we expect mutual teacher exchange would take place in the nearby future.


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