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Taipei Tech bring awards back from NMUN 2017

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Taipei Tech bring awards back from NMUN 2017

The National Model United Nations 2017 was held on March 19-23 in New York, United States. Taipei Tech team grabbed 2 awards, i.e. Outstanding Position Paper on HLPF and Outstanding Position Paper on IAEA back home this time. Competing with over 5,000 students from more than 300 schools, the excellent performance of the students showed people Taipei Tech not only emphasize students’ hands-on experience but also encourage them to engage in international affairs and think critically.

The 13-students team was led by Cheng-Chieh Yu, Dean of Academic Affairs, along with 4 staff members. Yu noted that this team was choose from 9,000 students and its members come from 8 countries is a like a little United Nations itself. During over 6 months training, we invited diplomatic envoys and experts in international relationship to instruct our students. We have developed an ideal training strategy for them in order to prepare them for the NMUN stage.

Hua-Yan Liao, the trainer and English teacher at the Office of Academic Affairs, said that NMUN is quite a journey both for students and her. She believed that this experience make students care about global issues more than ever and expand their horizons as well.

Hui-Sheng Ni, from the Institute of Automation Technology at Taipei Tech, was awarded the Outstanding Position Paper on HLPF. Ni noted that it required extra efforts and extra responsibility to work as solely representative. The UN HLPF Committee has strict regulation for every Working Paper and Draft Resolution. Anything that has less than 29 supports from Sponsors/Signatories will not be accepted. Only 9 Resolutions matched the criteria. After a series of training, Taipei Tech delegate stood out and was awarded the Outstanding Position Paper on HLPF.

Cai-Liang Li, from the Department of Business Management at Taipei Tech, was awarded the Outstanding Position Paper on IAEA. Li said that he appreciated this opportunity from school. By participating in UN IAEA, he learned more deeply about international nuclear issue.

Thanks to budget subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Taipei Tech has already participated the NMUN 10 times since 2007.


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