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Taipei Tech tops iF university ranking nationally

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Taipei Tech tops iF university ranking nationally

Taipei Tech has always been dedicated to design for the purpose of improving people’s health and safety, two of the most core and basic criteria in shaping human happiness. Taipei Tech Mask, a mask with a super high bacteria filter efficiency of 99.9%, and Mirror Warning, a safety device that target to decrease chances of traffic accident are both been recognized by the iF Design Award. The outstanding works from Taipei Tech’s teachers and students brought the university to the highest position ever on iF Design Award University ranking which is No.3 worldwide and No.1 in Taiwan.

Smog and particulate matter (PM) are threatening our health. To protect one’s body, more and more people wear masks in their daily lives. But not all masks can help us fight the notorious PM2.5 like N95 mask do. One thing about N95 mask is that its effectiveness drops dramatically if it didn’t match user’s face perfectly. Therefore the feeling of uncomfortable caused by wearing mask for a long time such as for medical personnel or commuters becomes a potential security hole for virus to thrive.

In order to provide protection as well as comfort to mask users, Taipei Tech team took 12 months to develop the Taipei Tech Mask that can not only defend PM1.5 (smaller than PM2.5) but also is much favorable for its lightness and fitness. The key to work the magic is its special material, nanotechnology PTFE filter. With the filtration efficiency near 99.7% (higher than N95 mask) and the bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.9 %, Taipei Tech Mask has a super high quality of protecting body and is now seeking manufacturers for mass production according to the R&D team. In addition to unique filter, its fabric is so flexible that it won’t hurt user’s ears or mist up their glasses. In the future, the team plans to replace current technology fabric with recycled PET bottle making it not only user-friendly but also environment-friendly.   

Designed by Chaochin Su, Shu-Mei Chang, Syang-Peng Rwei, and Yi-Hsuan Chao, Taipei Tech Mask was awarded iF Design Award 2017 in Product Discipline.

Another iF awarded design from Taipei Tech is the Mirror Warning which aims to improve current road reflecting mirror. According to data from the 2014 Traffic Safety and Law Enforcement Conference, 49% car accident happens at crossroads. The team noticed that the most common warning device at crossroads in Taiwan is reflecting mirror. Therefore they decided to tackle on some existing problems in those device and hopefully to prevent car accident from happening. The Mirror Warning uses convex lens to provide wider visual angel for drivers, infrared ray vehicle detector, and sensor that can recognize moving object.


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