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Taipei Tech helps dry your umbrella before boarding

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Taipei Tech helps dry your umbrella before boarding

It rains a lot in Taiwan. Although public transportation system is well-developed in Taiwan, taking a bus in a rainy day is still inconvenience in certain way. For starter, you may bring rainwater into bus when you get on. And the water will cause slippery floor therefore increasing the risk of falling down. According to statistics, almost 30% bus passengers have experience in falling down on bus. This sounds dangerous, right? In order to improve this problem, Taipei Tech students and faculties came up with a design concept called UltraDry Dryer, a device set up at bus shelters to help dry passengers’ umbrellas. Since there is little we can do except checking our Facebook while waiting for a bus, the team decided to optimize the use of a couple minutes of these spare time. User can put umbrella into UltraDry Dryer and step on the pedal at the bottom of the device. While doing this, the brushes inside will spin and dry the water on umbrellas.

This dryer can remove water up to 78% on one umbrella in 1 minute said the team. Designed by Chiao-Jun Ni, Yao-Ting Huang, and Feng-Sheng Hung, students at the Master Program of Innovation and Design, and instructed by Wen-In Chen and Zi-Kuan Huang, the clever design was awarded Bronze A’Design Award in Special Design Category.


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