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University system of Taipei alumni annual networking event

Campus News

University system of Taipei alumni annual networking event

Hosted by Taipei Tech, the annual networking event between alumni associations of the University system of Taipei was held on June 25 on campus. Delegates and alumni from the four universities gathered to see the school’s attractions and iconic spots. Distinguished guests including Political Deputy of MOE Dr. Leehter Yao, National Taipei University President Dao-Tong Lin, National Taipei University Vice President Cheng-Jia Li, National Taiwan Ocean University President Ching-Fong Zhang, National Taiwan Ocean University Vice President Gi-Gao Zhuang, Taipei Medical University Vice President Gian-Huang Lin all attended this meaningful event. The event started with a ceremony and ended with a campus tour that showed visitors some featured places and achievements.


Dean of the Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation Da-Sheng Li gave a briefing of the I-Foundry. Guests also have the opportunities to experience 3D printing process and to see some delicate works.

Industry 4.0 Factory

The factory is the first one on university campus in Taiwan that equipped with intelligent production line. Built by students and faculties, the line is consist of mechanical processing area, precision measuring area, online quality evaluation area, assembling area, and automatic storage area.

Green Campus

Ranked No.2 on the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking in High Rise Building category, Taipei Tech dedicated to achieve green campus. Eco-swale, eco-pond, and green-wall of the university are some sites that we are proud of just to name a few.

Red House

In addition to hear a briefing of the building, visitors had the chance to see what’s inside the ancient monument after its reopen in May. The 91 year old building was used for several functions before. Now it is mainly a gallery offering some insights from the old days.

Wood School

At this stop, Director of the facility Dr. Chen Dian-li gave a presentation introducing the school’s history and achievements. Guests also had the opportunity to experience to fold wood flower by themselves and taste hand-grated peanut brittle.

Ore Museum

This space displays various minerals such as amethyst, agate, and fool's gold etc. Besides to see different with eyes, you can also use microscope to observe marble. Luminous stone is another special thing for people to see.

Precision Research and Analysis Center

To see the latest and most expensive equipment on campus, you have to wear shoe cover before entering. Funded by Taipei Tech alumni, the center established in 2015 in the wish of providing high-end machinery for academic R&D.

Taipei Tech Archives

To wrap up the day, we bring our guests to see some unique souvenirs including old uniforms and bell from a no longer existing bell tower, and so on. Once stepping into the Archives, the lyrics of school anthem soon rose around you. The wall of honorary doctorate receiver and donation marks the strong team spirit of Taipei Tech’s alumni that echoes the theme of today’s event.


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