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First female to pass level A technician exam for freezing and air condition

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First female to pass level A technician exam for freezing and air condition

China Times 2017/06/05

The first female level A technician for freezing and air condition installation and repair is from Taipei Tech! Trainer Gu-Fong Li noted that having this certificate will at least elevate one’s income by NT$10,000 since there are only 712 of them have been issued.

Being one of the five people who passed the exam among sixty classmates, Pei-Ci Wu, freshman of Taipei Tech’s Integrated Academia-Industry Education Program in Energy and Refrigerating Air-conditioning Engineering, was in the weightlifting team in junior high school but injured during practice and had to drop out the team. Enjoy the feeling of learning by doing, Wu decided to change lane to refrigerating air-conditioning under encouragement of her teacher. Wu got the certificates of Level B and C when she was studying at Tainan Nan Ying Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational School. In order to practice techniques, Wu even found a part-time job at an electrical and plumbing store during summer vacation.

In the Level A technician exam, the temperature will reach as high as 2,700 Celsius Degree when doing welding. It is an extreme challenge situation for examinee because they have to show professional knowledge and skills in a high temperature, high pressure, and high electric tension environment.

Speaking about working environment, Wu said people often think technician have to move heavy air-conditioners causing the unbalance in labor gender. Unlike this common assumption, the main job in higher level of air-conditioning industry is to design central air conditioning system for buildings.


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