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Taiwan to strengthen cooperation with HAWtech in German

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Taiwan to strengthen cooperation with HAWtech in German

German’s vocational education is well-known for their rigorous. In order to elevate Taiwan’s vocational education development as well as increase international exchange, Ministry of Education of Taiwan has been dedicated in strengthening bilateral academic cooperation between two countries. In the future, 7 universities at Taiwan including Taipei Tech, Taiwan Tech, and Yun Tech will have tighter link to German’s 6 universities such as FH Aachen, HTW Berlin, and TU Darmstadt. After one semester of exchange study, student can choose to learn more practical skills in a local company or laboratory.

In 2009, the following leading universities of applied sciences in the field of Engineering Sciences founded the “German Alliance of Applied Sciences” (HAWtech): Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

Each of the member universities has a distinct technical focus and enjoys an excellent reputation in its specific field. The head principle of HAWtech Dr. Marcus Baumann was invited to sign cooperation MOU with Taiwan Alliance of Applied Sciences (TAItech). The short term goal of this signing is to build a collaborate network upon resource integration and to foster international cooperation under an equal and mutual-beneficial principle.


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