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Taipei Tech smart cradle to benefit new parents

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Taipei Tech smart cradle to benefit new parents

It takes a village to raise a child, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Taipei Tech team came up with a special designed cradle that aimed for lifting some of the pressure from new parent. The limitation lies in current baby monitoring device on market is that it can only monitor situation and notify users when something happens so that they can calm the infant personally. Designed by Taipei Tech Institute of Electrical Engineering students Fang Zou-sheng, Xu Wei-xiu, Lin Wei-yu, and Lin Yu-chen and instructed by Professor Lien Guang-yu, the smart cradle can recognized 6 different sounds of baby and activate various functions in response. For example, if a baby starts to cry, the cradle will automatically start to rock. And if an infant laughs, the cradle will activate the bell to entertain the little one. The cradle can tell 6 sounds from baby including the sounds of crying, laughter, coughing, talking, silence, etc. from its microphone. In order to catch baby’s sound more precisely, the team use self-developed filter that will get rid of surrounding sounds like machinery or adult. The practical and creative design product was recognized by judges and got $NT 300,000 in the Macronix Golden Silicon Awards.


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