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Taipei Tech attend the 4th Delta Advanced Automation Contest in China

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Taipei Tech attend the 4th Delta Advanced Automation Contest in China

The 4th Delta Advanced Automation Contest is themed “Seeking Smart Manufacturing Talents”. The Contest is sponsored by the Automation Technology Teaching Steering Committee for Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Association of Automation, and the Industry and Information Industry Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee under the Ministry of Education. It is an innovative technology competition for automation applications organized by the Delta Group.

7 teams from 5 universities among 75 participant teams are from Taiwan including Taipei Tech team led by Dr. Zeng Bai-you. Other Taiwanese schools earned the ticket for the finals are Taiwan Tech, Chung Yuan Christian University, National Formosa University and YunTech.

Delta Electronics spokesperson Zhou Zhi-hong noted that tens of thousands of students and faculties have participated in the Delta Advanced Automation Contest since its 1st year. This year, some teams started to use artificial intelligence and the showed much creativity. For example, Taipei Tech team presented a gobang game which player can compete with computer. The AlphaGo-liked system integrates many applications and has human–computer interaction function said one of the design students Zhou Zhi-yang.

Team instructor Zeng Bai-you has led Taipei Tech students attending Delta Advanced Automation Contest for 4 years consecutively. In his own observation, different education emphasis in technology universities in China and Taiwan led to different style of their entries. China focus on training students for employment therefore their competition entries put a lot emphasis on application in specific industrial field or problem solving in basic level. Taiwan encourages students to go for R&D engineer positions causing more diversity in their works.


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