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Entrepreneurship Practices help commercialize student’s design

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Entrepreneurship Practices help commercialize student’s design

As the incubator of entrepreneurs, Taipei Tech provides a suitable environment for students to explore their creativity. We have Entrepreneurship Practices course since 2016. This course is to instruct students to practice the entrepreneurship and innovation. Students will form an entrepreneurship team. Faculty will guide the students throughout the entrepreneurship processes. University will offer students initial funds and incubation assistances. Students will gain practical experiences on how to establish entrepreneurship. The contents include entrepreneurial thoughts and actions, design thinking, self-understanding, team formation, business model development, entrepreneurship finance, entrepreneurship practices, entrepreneurship contests, and so on.

Recently, one of the students took this course, Yan Zhong-jun, brought class practice into a new level. Yan is at the Department of Interaction and Design. The calculus formula on socks reminds people of their math class. With a catchy promoting slogan, the socks already created some discussions on campus as well as on the internet. Now people who are interested in the unique designed socks can also buy it through online shopping platform.


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