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Welcome to Taipei Tech! 2017 new student orientation held on Sep 11

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Welcome to Taipei Tech! 2017 new student orientation held on Sep 11

Hello, rookies. Welcome to Taipei Tech! The 2017 orientation was held on September 11 at the Chiang Kai-Shek Gymnasium and Auditorium. This half-day event is mandatory for all freshmen. Taipei Tech President Wenlung Li gave a briefing of the university as well as several key points that our new faces on campus need to know.

Taipei Tech values diversified learning. By providing second specialty program, autonomous learning course, computer programming, internship opportunity, and chances for study aboard, the school aims to cultivate talents who can not only adapt to current society trend but also lead future trend.

In order to stand out in this fast paced world, single specialty is no longer enough. Taipei Tech encourages students to finish second specialty program which consists of 15-18 credits before graduation. In addition to a certificate, students will have their second specialty officially marked on their diploma in order to make their future employers impressed. Every college offers 1-2 second specialty programs for all students. There are no limitations or fixed schedule for this kind of program. Students can arrange their study pace based on their own needs.

Autonomous learning is another great thing we want to promote on campus. Since 2016, everyone can create their own course by assembling a number of peers and instructor. Autonomous learning course matches the dynamic core of new knowledge and technique. The basic curriculum design of a College or Department cannot change every semester, but autonomous learning course will provide an opportunity for those who know what they want to learn out of the existing course system. Applicant should provide a study plan as well as to find a qualified faculty before starting his/her own course.

And a huge change in Taipei Tech curriculum structure in 2017 is that computer programming becomes a requirement for graduation. This means that no matter you are a student in Department of English or Computer Science, you have to finish at least 2 credits in computer programming. Every College including Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Engineering, Management, Design, and Humanities & Social Science has their own curriculum design team in order to match the needs among different professionals. The new rule is expected to increase students’ competitiveness.

President Li noted that although Taipei Tech has rich resources, it is useful only if student actually devote time and effort into learning. Prof. Li encourages freshmen to aim high and become a valuable person for the society.

After the orientation, there is a club exhibition on campus. Dozens of club booths display and showcase their features to attract new comers. Live performance such as guitar playing, orchestra, and dancing, etc. showcases the energy of Taipei Tech students. Interesting activities including tennis matching and board game experience are also fun and filled of laughter.


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