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Core 8 project: voluntary building service in Yilan

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Core 8 project: voluntary building service in Yilan

What do you do in summer vocation when you were a college student? At Taipei Tech, a group of students of the Department of Architecture designed buildings at Wuta elementary school in Yilan, Taiwan. This meaningful program called Core 8. Since 2009, the Core project gathers enthusiastic students and faculties to discover remote schools’ architecture needs including classroom, playground, and library, etc. and help them out for free.

In 2017, three Taipei Tech graduate students along with 13 volunteers from different universities led by instructor Prof. Yang Shi-hong started the whole thing from starch. From space evaluation to building design, the team continually communicated with faculties at Wuta trying to figure out their needs and thoughts.

The main design idea and purpose of the building project is to encourage children conducting outdoor activities such as having class and reading. In order to do so, the project is not a single house but several spots on campus. After 20 some days, the forest garden emerged from the ground. You can also see some Atayal traditional building design features with in the work.

Tang Zi-ting, one of the Taipei Tech student leaders of the Core 8, recalled the problems they encountered when wood material got wet and cannot absorb preservative. They have to adjust the schedule since extra period of time was spent for taking care of the problematic wood.

Hands-on experience has always been Taipei Tech’s emphasis in talent cultivation. The Core 8 project is not only a great demonstration of our students’ solid and sturdy capability but also a showcase of how much they care about our society.


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