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Taipei Tech IAIE program to train mold technician

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Taipei Tech IAIE program to train mold technician

Taipei Tech is proud of our reputation in industry and various programs that focus on increasing student’s competitiveness in workplace. One good example is our Integrated Academia-Industry Education Program that not only provides academic knowledge but also real technique training.

Chen Yi-sheng and Que Ting-en are students of Taipei Tech’s Integrated Academia-Industry Education Program in mold design and manufacturing. During the day, they receive professional training at Taishan professional training center owned by the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor. In the evening, they study academic theories at Taipei Tech.

During training, they learned about many practical techniques including milling machine, bench work, electrical discharge machining, computer graphic and 3D printing. In addition to all these skills, they both are qualified level B technician for press forming mold and computer assisted mechanical drawing.

A lot of companies already express their interests in recruitment such as Hu Lane Associate Inc., TBI Motion, and HTC etc. before the students have not even graduate.


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