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Local students recognized at Red Dot Design awards

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Local students recognized at Red Dot Design awards

Source: Taipei Times 2017/09/05

Three National Taipei University of Technology student groups have been acknowledged in this year’s Red Dot Design Awards, with two receiving honorable mentions and one receiving the Red Dot Design Concept award.

Master’s program for innovation and design students Tsai Tzu-chun (蔡孜群), Huang Mi-chien (黃宓謙), Cheng Ming-han (鄭名涵) and Hsu Chen-yu (許震瑜) designed the “Equidistant,” a colored needle that allows a sewers to make their stitching equidistant.

The needle box is magnetized to keep pins and needles in place.

The design was awarded the Red Dot Design Concept award.

Shih Ming-sheng (石明生) and Huang Yi-nung (黃逸農), who received an honorable mention for their design, said they had the idea for an arc-shaped bucket when they were cleaning the lab.

They could not fill a standard bucket with water because the sink was too high, the students said, so they added an arc-shaped lip to the bucket that changes the angle and allows the bucket to be filled.

Chen Yu-sheng’s (陳裕升) “EasyBasin” also won an honorable mention.

The design, which is aimed at helping older people, is a bucket with a 55? angle on one side so it is easier to pour water out, Chen said.

The most labor-intensive part of washing clothing in a basin is emptying the water from the bucket, Chen said, adding that the 55? angle is the most efficacious for pouring water, which can more easily be done in two stages because of the design. The wash tube also has a scrubbing board and handles, turning the tub into a multi-purpose tool, Chen said.


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