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Taipei Tech celebrate 106th Anniversary on Oct 28

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Taipei Tech celebrate 106th Anniversary on Oct 28

Taipei Tech celebrates its 106th anniversary on October 28, 2017 with a series of great events on campus. Giving out honorary degree to outstanding alumni is one of the traditions at Taipei Tech. This year, the Conferment of Honorary Degrees for Walter Shen, Chairman of Topkey Group, is part of the University’s celebration. Started with racket, Topkey’s business now even covers aerospace industry and medical appliance. Dr. Shen is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an active charity donor who is willing to make contribution to his school and society. By conferring honorary degree to Dr. Shen, Taipei Tech expects to highlight the value of gratitude.

Dr. Shen said he grew up in the countryside before 12. Took the suggestion from his teacher, Shen chose technical and vocational education. He went to National Chia-yi Industrial Vocational High School before Taipei Tech and developed a steady foundation for starting a business later on. Shen also reminded Taipei Tech students who is thinking of start-ups to be practical when facing challenges. And don’t forget to give back to school if they achieved their goals.

Another event worth mentioned is the retrospective exhibition of Sunlight Grants founded by Dr. Hong-Yu Lin, Taipei Tech alumnus and the founder of the Sunlight Electronics Laboratory. The grants helped over 3,000 faculties and 10,000 students since 2004. From publishing academic paper to participating international activities, the grants dramatically elevate our research and development energy. In addition to providing grants, Dr. Lin also donated a building on campus. In memory of this meaningful grants and Dr. Lin’s contribution, the University specially held this 7-days exhibition starting from October 28.


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