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Taipei Tech student design to impress British people

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Taipei Tech student design to impress British people

Dried Tofu is a common food in Eastern countries yet not so much in Eastern countries. Dogan Tofu Press designed by Taipei Tech student Liu Yu-ting simplified the process of making dried Tofu and was reported by the BBC for its creativity.

Liu was studied at Royal College of Art, United Kingdom through a MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design in 2016.During his stay in the U.K., Liu found out that people there prefer other protein resource instead of meat. To introduce the advantage as well as increase accessibility of dried tofu, Liu came up with the design called Dogan Tofu Press that users can make dried tofu by their selves.

The innovative design was not only displayed in the Borough Market during London Design Festival but also covered by BBC news.


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