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Special Exhibition of Taiwan Ceramic Society on campus

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Special Exhibition of Taiwan Ceramic Society on campus

Special Exhibition of Taiwan Ceramic Society hosted by Taiwan Ceramic Society and co-organized by Taipei Tech Department of Cultural Vocation Development invited 24 ceramists to showcase their works on Taipei Tech’s campus. The vessels were designed for three different kind of objects including food, tea, and flower.

Taipei Tech vice president Yang Che-hua noted that ceramic is highly related to today’s technology. You can see ceramic in many high-tech areas such as in fuel cell and space shuttle. Moverover, ceramic is also a vessel for human culture. Taiwan Ceramic Society holds related exhibition every year, and this year they give Taipei Tech student and faculty an opportunity to discover the beauty of seemed ordinary pottery. Taiwan Ceramic Society Chairperson Prof Wang Sea-fue noted that Taiwan Ceramic Society is not only where ceramic technology and art meets but also an actual practice of life quality. The exhibition welcomes visitors from November 16 to 24 at Taipei Tech Arts and Cultural Center.


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