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Innovative spoon help people overcome hand tremor

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Innovative spoon help people overcome hand tremor

Hand tremor is a nightmare for many disabled elderly and Parkinson's disease patients. In order to decrease the impact of a shaking hand, a team called Foody consisted of members from Taipei Tech and other 4 universities came up with a special design spoon that prevent food from spilling again. This spoon design was awarded at the 3rd Stanford Design Asia among 85 entries.

According to Foody, hand tremor might lead to social obstacles for elderly such as dining in public places or restaurants because they are afraid of getting people’s attention. There are cases where patients end up suffering from depression since they had to be fed by others every time. In clinical field there are medicines for treating hand tremor yet it will add burden to other organs. Recently, the spoon has been tested in nursery house and received positive feedbacks from elderly.


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