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Dept. Cultural Vocation Development graduation exhibition


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Dept. Cultural Vocation Development graduation exhibition

The graduation exhibition of Taipei Tech Department of Cultural Vocation Development began on Jan 4 at the Arts and Culture Center on campus. All pieces of works are displayed in creatively decorated booths. This year, the exhibition, entitled Holy Gift, is focus on looking tradition etiquette and custom through an innovative perspective. Many interesting works caught visitors’ eyes and here are three of them just to name a few.

How often can you have the chance to compose a song for a rock band? Guan Yi-yun did. Guan discovered his passion for hip hop at the moment his older sister hand him a CD of Eminem. In the beginning, he will sing his rap at in music class at school. Then he started to compose his own song by the equipment he bought used all his allowance his family gave him for get in a college. But the true turning point for his musical life happened in his sophomore year when he decided to drop out and learn from a record producer. This is the time when he had the opportunity to arrange the music for a local band called CaoTun Boyz. The number of viewers of the song he arranged surged over 1 million in three months according to Guan. The songs that Guan arranged mainly focus on local language, culture and beliefs. Guan noted that he wants to converse Taiwanese culture through music. Guan collected 7 songs he arranged or composed as his graduation project. His classmate and partner Lin Shao-en was in charge of the main image and packaging of this CD.

Lai Yu-jia likes babies. She adores their cuteness and softness. And this is the reason why she chooses to develop a series of products related to new born baby such as hand-made soap, bracelet, and towel etc. She studied Chinese birth customs and noticed that many traditions are lost or changed through time. But she see these traditions a way of showing how important and valuable a baby is to a family in old days. For example, a tradition called Xi San (literally wash three) happens on the third day after a baby was born. People will give newborn a bath in hope of health and peace. Lai uses her creative thinking to design products related to these customs and hopes that the value of these customs can be saved although the form might change.


Will you be interest in knowing what kind of cousin did crown princes have on their table? Two students Hong Yu-ting and Jiang Wang-yu not only reveal this secret but also bring these foods to life. According to Jiang, the Taiwan Nichinichi Shimpo, a newspaper published during Japanese colonial period in Taiwan, has recipes for a famous restaurant where Japan crown prince dined during his visit to Taiwan in 1923. They follow the recipe and bring new energy into these cousins by design four different lunch boxes. But the cooking process is not always smooth. Although they like to cook, it still took about three months to make sure every dish in the box is perfect. Because these are banquet dishes, they also made some alternations in order to fit them into a lunch box. Take a fried egg dish for an example, this dish was originally a soup. Yet they managed to conserve the soup flavor by adding it to a batter and then fried it .  “I want to show people that Taiwan also has fine banquet dishes besides local dishes”, Jiang added in the interview.


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