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Taipei Tech junior college press conference held on Jan 9

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Taipei Tech junior college press conference held on Jan 9

Taipei Tech plans to establish a junior college of five-year program in intelligent automation engineering this year. The program expects to recruit 30 students who will be taught not only by university faculty but also industry expert. Other universities that are preparing for junior college are National Formosa University and National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science. The joint press conference was held on January 9, 2018.

Taipei Tech President Li Wen-lung pointed out that the key of future employment competitiveness will be speed of learning. Taipei Tech junior college has self-learning courses for students so they can decide their own learning pace. Another feature of this program is the abundant resources of labs including teaching labs in each Departments, Intelligent Manufacturing System Education Factory, and City Science Lab @ Taipei Tech, etc.

Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education Leehter Yao explained how junior college in universities will benefit talent cultivation in vocational education. The main purpose of this kind of program is to provide a more flexible field for cultivating talent that industry really need. Throughout five years of education, partner companies will assist alongside including in course design, equipment planning, internship, and so on.

Pegatron Corporation Chairman, Taipei Tech alumnus, Tung Tzu-Hsien gave high praise to opening junior college of five-year program in university. He compared this action to the Renaissance in the past and look forward to its positive impact on the society. He also warned that it will be difficult for Taiwan to attract international talents within 10 years therefore it is important for us to face the challenge systematically.

The five-year program offered by Taipei Tech will collaborate not only with prestigious Taiwanese companies for internship but also IBM for its unique educational model. IBM General Manager Gao Lu-hua mentioned that Taiwan is the first country in Asia to bring in P-Tech (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) educational model. IBM has 430 partner companies working with 70 schools that are using P-Tech globally. The two aspects of P-Tech are how to cultivate technology talent that meets industry needs and how to build up students’ soft power in work place such as project management and communicate skills.


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