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New design for passenger distribution

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New design for passenger distribution

Have you ever stuck in the crowd or bumped into others in metric system during peak hours? According to data released by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, the total rider-ship exceeded 2,590,000 between 6 p.m. on Dec 31, 2017 to 6 a.m. on Jan 1, 2018. The mass traffic volume of public transportation makes the question how to improve passenger flow worth thinking. The current device commonly seen for dividing passenger moving in different directions is handrail. The function of handrail is clear yet it is often fixed to the ground causing possible problems. For example, if a stair is divided by handrail for two groups of people to use, i.e. one part is for those who want to go upstairs and the other want to go downstairs. The fact is that when passengers in one direction are much more than the other, there will be a lot of space waste and “traffic jam” at the same time. Taipei Tech students Cheng Ming-han, Huang Mi-qian, Cai Zi-qun, and Xu Zheng Yu offer a new perspective on solving this problem. The design “A wider stair” is a distribution lamp system for stairs. It will be set up above the stairs for analyzing passenger flow and can move to suitable location accordingly both automatically and manually. Different than tradition handrails, this device distributes people by light wall it projected. Moreover, it can signal the direction toward exit helping evacuating people if emergency happens. Instructed by Dr. Cheng Meng-cong, the innovative product design received Merit Award in the 11th Uneec Applied Design Award.


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