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Sticker design to find missing child

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Sticker design to find missing child

Amusement park is a popular choice for family trip during holidays. But missing child in a crowded theme park is also common. On average, 3,000 children get lost in Shanghai Disney Resort every month and 20 every day for Taipei Children’s Amusement Park according to data. How to effectively reunite lost kid and their parents is an important issue needed to be solved. Bodyguard Sticker, designed by Taipei Tech student Huang Yan-ting, Chen Yan-ting, and Ni Chiao-jun, is a possible solution to these problems. “I saw news on TV and hearing board cast in amusement park reporting about missing child” Huang Yan-ting explained the motive of designing a child safety product. From the interview with Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, Taipei Tech team found out that when a staff discovered a lost child, the standard procedure is first took them to missing child center and ask for their parents’ name and telephone number before using radio broadcast to announce the information. The difficult part throughout the process lies in earning children’s trust for acquiring necessary information to contact their parents. Some parents said they will worry about kids getting lost but not always prepare related device preventing this kind of accident from happening. Name tag and wearable device are common device on market that parent will choose to secure children’s safety. Yet those devices are not comfortable to wear and sometimes repel by kids for its appearance. Taipei Tech team came up with the design called Bodyguard Sticker that can overcome above problems. Bodyguard is a tattoo sticker designed to attach on kids with QR code containing personal information such as name and contact person’s number etc. The idea is that staff can contact parents by scanning the QR code thus shorten the process of gathering information. In addition to efficiency, the Bodyguard Sticker will have cute cartoon characters on it increasing willingness for kids to wear it. People can order a sticker online beforehand or get one when they arrive the theme park. The time to make a sticker will take estimated only 2 minutes. For those who concern for misuse of the sticker can relax for the QR code can only be scanned by park staff through specific APP.

The design won Gold Award in the 11th Uneec Applied Design Award. Three students express their gratitude toward team instructors Dr. Wen-yin Chen and Dr. Philip Hwang on the official website of the Award. “The most interesting part in this time’s design experience is to see the sticker actually been printed out” add Huang Yan-ting, one of members in design team. Another member “It is a whole new experience for me” said Chen Yan-ting, another member in the team, who used to make mostly public design and found making a product that can be used by people is quite exciting.


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