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Flying like a bird: Taipei Tech faculty used VR to fulfill your dream

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Flying like a bird: Taipei Tech faculty used VR to fulfill your dream

A special exhibition featured on exploring hidden spots through VR device held by the National Museum of Natural Science introduced the first VR device in Asia that enables people to experience how it is like to be a bird. Lying on a platform with VR equipment on, you can flap your “wings” and soar into the sky. The organizer spent six months to film the scene of Fonghuanggu Bird Park before they turned these records into 3D videos. In addition to being a bird, you can also visit the blue cave in Penghu and to see National Museum of Natural Science collection came to live with VR device.

The person behind this exhibition is Taipei Tech Assistant Professor Ju-Chun Ko in the Dept. of Interaction Design. Dr. Ko noted that the bird VR device was bought from Switzerland and is worth millions. In the museum collection VR section, user can even grab a bone of an elephant and toss it. The quality of VR experience is unquestionable since every video in three of the VR sections took six months to produce. In order to prevent possible dizziness, there are 90 pictures per second in the bird VR video, almost 3-4 times of as many as a regular movie, to make sure that too much loading for human brain to process said Dr. Ko.


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