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Workshop on VHS tape repair was held at Taipei Tech

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Workshop on VHS tape repair was held at Taipei Tech

Have you ever watch a movie using video cassette tape before? Although it has been replaced by DVD and digital videos as the technology evolves, many people regard it as unreplaceable experience. In order to conserve the precious memory, a workshop on repairing video cassette tape was held on Taipei Tech campus. In addition to teach student how to repair these traditional tapes, Taipei Tech also called for VHS tapes which depict the look of Provincial Taipei Institute of Technology, Taipei Tech’s predecessor.

The workshop is part of Taipei Tech’s serious course on cultural innovation. Assistant Professor Yi-Wen Cheng noted that the workshop is expected to integrate humanities and Taipei Tech’s strengths, technology and hands-on experience, to conserve culture heritage. Film Collectors Museum curator Ray Jiing hoped that more people from technology field can join the work of preserving valuable films.

Taipei Tech Vice President Chung-Kuang Yang handed over VHS tapes of Provincial Taipei Institute of Technology to curator Ray Jiing for repairing. And they both recognized the importance of preserving and building a memory data base from bottom to top. The workshop at Taipei Tech will be a sample for holding similar activities at other schools in the nation.


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