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Taipei Tech Commencement 2018

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Taipei Tech Commencement 2018

In the year of 2018, Taipei Tech has 4,102 graduates who are ready for moving on to the next stop of their journey. Surrounded by families and friends along with their deepest blessings, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall emanated cheerful atmosphere all day long on the Commencement dated on June 9.

Honorary Degree Ceremony for Prof. Ruey-Tsair Wang, who served 60 years at Taipei Tech, was also held on the same day. Prof. Wang has taught more than 10,000 students during his teaching life. And many of his students turned out to be successful in technology industry such as Tse-Hsien Tung, Chairman of the Board and Group Chief Executive Officer in Pegatron Corporation, Mao-Kuei Lin, Vice President and CEO of the Chicony, and Yin-Fu Ye, Chairman of the EVERLIGHT Electronics. Graduated in 1960, Prof. Wang is also an alumnus of Taipei Tech. Not only did he dedicate to teaching and research, he also paid much effort in building a database consists of 120,000 alumni. An Honorary Degree to Prof. Wang’s is a symbol of appreciation for his extraordinary dedication. Despite his high achievement, Prof Wang humbly attributed his success to his student’s success.

Pegatron Corporation Chairman Tung recalled that Prof. Wang used to settle students’ bill for buying learning materials to help them out. Tung noted that the plat world we are living in right now is filled with challenges and opportunities. He encouraged students to stay humble and don’t stop learning throughout their lives. If they succeed 10 or 20 years later, don’t forget to help out younger generation.

President Sea-Fue Wang hoped that graduates can keep five principles in mind. First, don’t be afraid of hardship in life. Second, don’t aim high but achieve little. Third, don’t be unsociable and distant. Fourth, don’t be arrogant. Fifth, always be respect to the law of nature and love others. And instead of how well you did in business, how many people you can make to let them feel they are loved is the criteria to decide whether you are a real winner in life said President Wang.


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