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Dual-degree graduates flew to U.S.A. for their commencement

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Dual-degree graduates flew to U.S.A. for commencement

Since 2016, Taipei Tech and the University of Texas, Arlington has been offering a dual-degree EMBA program that requires student to finish required credits and thesis in 2 years in order to receive EMBA degree from both universities.

Some of the 2018 graduate class, led by College of Management Dean Prof. Chui-Yu Chiu, decided to fly to the United States for their commencement ceremony. They were excited about graduating with their nearly 100 classmates at Arlington.

After 24 months of hard-working, graduates finally got to celebrate their efforts. The trip not only provides local students with the opportunity to meet their foreign professors and counterparts but also marks a unique and significant milestone in their lives.

The program is well-organized and designed. According to the program’s official website, Dr. Hsiao, the director of UTA-EMBA program, noted that the program courses are taught by professors from UTA and the students in Taiwan take exactly the same courses as the students do on UTA campus in the United States.


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