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Learning at a museum: Taipei Tech tears down classroom boundary

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Learning in a museum: Taipei Tech tears down classroom boundary

Collaborates with the Ministry of Finance, Taipei Tech is sending 5 students to Customs Museum as interns this summer. This academia-industry cooperation can be seen as another attempt of the university to promote boundaryless university.

Professional course and internship are two elements that comprise boundaryless university. Taipei Tech already worked with computer market Guanghua Digital Plaza and commercial area Dadaocheng to expand and diversify student’s learning area according to Taipei Tech President Prof. Sea-Fue Wang.

At Customs Museum, intern will gain experience in collecting and analyzing custom-related historical material and display, tour guidance, film making, visual design, and event planning.

Deputy Minister of Finance Jain-Rong Su noted that custom affair has 160 years of history and is the first impression for a country. Su hoped that with the assistance from academia, custom culture can be systematically promoted to the public.

Shou-Ren Yang, one of the Taipei Tech students in the internship program, believed that this opportunity will benefit her both in completing her thesis and connecting to workplace.


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