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Taiwanese Wood Crafts to Feature in Exhibition in Washington, D.C.

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Taiwanese Wood Crafts to Feature in Exhibition in Washington, D.C.



In celebration of Taiwan’s National Day, the Taipei Tech Wood School (W School) is bringing its woodworking exhibition, titled “Fubao” (literally “Lucky Hand Plane”), to the Twin Oaks estate in Washington, D.C. in October. As part of the exhibition, a dessert prepared using a hand plane (crafted by Taipei Tech’s resident woodworking master), will be served at the celebration evening banquet, showing international guests the culture of Taiwan. This will be the first international exhibition showcasing traditional Taiwanese woodworking artistry since the founding of the nation.

Taipei Tech announced the news in a press conference on September 3. President Wang Sea-fue of Taipei Tech commended the effort of the W School in promoting and preserving Taiwanese woodworking. The W School hosted “Fubao Taiwan” in 2016, “Fubao Taipei—Wood Crafts” in the Taipei Story House in 2017, and “Fubao Hushan” at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park this year. In October, the exhibition will be hosted in Washington, D.C., bringing Taiwan to the world.



The Twin Oaks estate in Washington, D.C.used to be the residence of the ambassadors of the Republic of China and now functions as a venue for official receptions. Hand planes were a major tool used in constructing the main building, a Colonial Revival wooden structure listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Prof. Chen Tien-Li, exhibition curator and head of the W School, indicated that the exhibition will feature a hand plane crafted by the master craftsman Zhan Yinong, demonstrating local artistry. It will also feature a scaled-down model of the Shenggen (literally “rooted”) desk used by President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan in her executive office. Other exhibit items will include six pieces of art created using wood shavings, as well as interactive augmented-reality exhibit pieces. The exhibition is also going to feature products from six major Taiwanese woodworking studios including UCM Taiwan, Li Design, Carpenter Workshop, Mufun Design, Woody Icon, and Chord & Major.



According to President Wang, when Taipei Tech was founded in 1912, the woodworking department was one of the original departments: the institute was first in offering professional woodworking training in Taiwan. The “Fubao” exhibition will be the first international exhibition showcasing Taiwanese wood crafts, and the first time a woodworking exhibition has been hosted at Twin Oaks. This exhibition is the combined effort of academia, industry, and government, and it incorporates traditional artistry, arts, and technology in a package that demonstrates ways of reviving local culture. Wang further elaborated that having three generations involved in the exhibition shows the spirit of a vocational institute like Taipei Tech; this exhibition is also part of Taipei Tech’s social responsibility effort.

In addition to the crafts, Wang pointed out the traditional Taiwanese dessert of spring rolls filled with peanuts and ice cream will be served at the national banquet. The shaved peanuts in the dessert will be produced using the hand plane crafted by master craftsman Zhan, showing the international guest a different way of using the hand plane. 


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