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Breathing Kidney and Easy Rental Win the 2018 Red Dot Design Award

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Breathing Kidney and Easy Rental Win the 2018 Red Dot Design Award




Of the 5,640 design concepts submitted for review, Taipei Tech students won two Red Dot Award in the Design Concept category this year. Breathing Kidney, a portable dialysis kit the size of a suitcase, is inspired by designers’ relatives who suffer from the inconvenience of chronic dialysis. Easy Rental is designed with traveling parents who have children in mind and is aimed to relieve parents from traveling with a stroller.



Ten percent of the Taiwanese patients with kidney disease rely on peritoneal dialysis as the treatment. Taipei Tech industrial design students Cheng Ting Hsuan and Lin Kai Li have witnessed the inconvenient and time-consuming process of the treatment from their relatives who came down with chronic kidney disease. Such treatment requires a large amount of medical supplies including the peritoneal dialysis fluid, scale, sphygmomanometer, thermometer, electric blanket, alcohol spray, mask, s-shape hooks, iodopovidone, bandages, among other things, and this process needs to be repeated three to four times each day. The complicated process inspired Cheng and Lin to integrate all the necessary tools into one suitcase-like box, which they named Breathing Kidney. The students also designed an accompanying smartphone app that is powered by the IoT infrastructure to track supplies and treatments. The goal is to help patients leave the house without worrying about missing anything crucial for their treatment. The designers are now in cooperation negotiation with several hospitals to implement this idea.



Designed by You Chiung Yi, MFA student of industrial design, Easy Rental is designed for parents with children to easily rent strollers at the arrival lobby of airports. With an app, parents can schedule to pick up the stroller on the day of arrival and return the stroller on the day of departure. This frees up parents from needing to bring a stroller for the flight.


Red Dot Design Award is known as the Oscar for the industrial design. Taipei Tech boasts its strength in industrial design, which is well-recognized with many domestic and international awards. Taipei Tech is also devoted to realizing university social responsibility with our design faculty and students involved in research centered on solving day-to-day problems.


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