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Youth from Thirteen Countries Gathered for YIE Taipei 2018

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Youth from Thirteen Countries Gathered for YIE Taipei 2018



The 2018 Asia Pacific Youth Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (YIE Taipei), hosted by Taipei Tech Department of English, saw around one hundred local and oversea participants from thirteen Asia Pacific countries engaged in workshops and exchange of entrepreneurship ideas during a three-day event, from October 4 through 6, 2018. Taking place at the GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center and Taipei Garden Hotel, delegates from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Chile, and Taiwan also received advise from successful entrepreneurs and were introduced to Taiwan’s friendly startup environment. The Forum was commissioned by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, with the goal of providing a platform for young people and students of different backgrounds to interact and to motivate each other in starting their own business.



“Taipei Tech has been accentuating innovative entrepreneurship,” Yang Chong-Kuang, vice president of Taipei Tech, mentioned in his opening remarks. “Being a vocational school with long history, Taipei Tech has established iFoundry, InnoMaking Space, and Taiwan Startup Institute in expectation of becoming a nest that assembles ideas, resources, and connections to successfully incubates startups.”

The first day focused on the startup environment in Taiwan. It included the introduction to Taiwan government’s incubation initiatives such as the Research Service Cooperation (RSC) Project, Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI), and the Entrepreneur Visa, all of which are designed to make it easy for startup companies to access necessary resources. The day also featured entrepreneurs from 4 Gamers, STARTBOARD, and Halal XYZ Taiwan sharing their experience on how they have grown their business internationally while headquartered in Taiwan or in other Asia Pacific countries. Their talks pinpointed the possibilities of targeting the Asia Pacific market and the potential of having business in Taiwan.



On the second day, a triangular female entrepreneurs’ panel highlighted the importance of an inclusive workplace and its effect on company growth, which have recently caught attention in the Asia-Pacific region. Panelists included a career consultant, a venture capitalist, and a company founder, and the discussion centered around the different perceptions of career women from these different sectors and finished with an encouraging note that women should cling to their career goals.



During the three-day event, participants were also able to have a glance at the soft power of Taiwan. They visited Taipei 101 and local night market and were introduced to the food and architecture. As part of the event, participants also visited Rayark Games, a rising electronic game developer based in Taiwan, to showcase the vision and experiences of a successful young company in Taiwan. The participants were shown the possibilities of Taiwan, and would leave and return the experiences beneficial to their respective countries.



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