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The Dialogue in 1913 Exhibition at Mitsui Warehouse


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The Dialogue in 1913 Exhibition at Mitsui Warehouse



Taipei Tech hosts the exhibition, “The Dialogue in 1913”, at the Mitsui Warehouse, presenting the documents about the cultural assets of the surrounding area during the Japanese colonization. The Mitsui & Co.’s old redbrick warehouse at the west of Taipei City is converted into the Info House that houses the exhibition, and runs every Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

“The documentary exhibition is owed to Mitsui & Co., who provided the first-hand materials to relive this very episode in the history of Taiwan,” Taipei City mayor, Ko Wen-Je, stated in his opening remarks.



The Dialogue in 1913 shows the cultural assets in the history of Bei Men area through the films and documents. According to the exhibition overseer, Dr. Chang Kun-Chen at Taipei Tech Department of Architecture, the hundreds of pieces of the data capture the life and legacies of that period of time, including the North Gate, the North Gate Station, the Taipei Railway Factory, the Futai Street Mansion, and the post office.

The exhibition also gives prominence to the documentary of Mitsui & Co. in 1926, the construction files of the Taipei Railway Factory in 1908, and the scale models of the old Taipei Main Station and the Taipei Post Office in 1913. 


*This article has been translated from the United Daily News article.


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