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Opportunities to Find Internships at 2018 Taipei Tech Intern Fair

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Opportunities to Find Internships at 2018 Taipei Tech Intern Fair



In closing up the gap between learning and applying, Taipei Tech made a further attempt this year to hold its first intern fair. Approximately 50 employers were attending, with more than 300 intern jobs available. At the inter fair, the students were able to consider where they are going to spend the upcoming winter vacation for an internship.


To equip the students with more hands-on knowledge, Taipei Tech has scheduled required intern hours for the students to stretch out of their comfort zone and acquire what is beyond their textbooks. 2018 Taipei Tech Intern Fair, held on November 20, gave the 1,200 students in search of intern opportunities to access the employers. Almost all the employers attending would cover the labor insurance for the intern students, and a half of them would recognize the year of internship as the year of full employment.


The companies attending include LITE-ON Technology, Compal Electronics, Advantech, Tung Ho Steel, Pu Yung Construction, Bank SinoPac, and other companies of all kinds.



What’s more unique for the fair, the students are asked to send the CV/resumé through Taipei-Tech-designed online resume system to the recruiters. Scanning the QR code of the company, the students are able to send their previously built resumé to the recruiters within a second. Such the instant self-introduction would be considered an effective and eco-friendly way for both the candidates and the recruiters of the internship.


Taipei Tech values the importance of both academic tasks and hands-on experiences for our students,” Taipei Tech President Wang Sea-Fue indicated in his speech. “2018 Taipei Tech Intern Fair is expected to expose the outstanding students to the distinguished companies, and would make our students more prepared for their future career.”

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