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Have a Blast at 2018 Taipei Tech International Festival

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Have a Blast at 2018 Taipei Tech International Festival



Feel like watching some shows while grabbing some exotic food to eat? Taipei Tech office of international affairs fulfills your desire with Taipei Tech International Festival, the annual events from the international students. Hosted on Nov 28 this year, the International Festival brought you a series of performances from students of different cultures and countries with free entry, food, and drinks, and would let you know how talented these international students are.


The students gave a variety of music-related performances, including singing, dancing, beat-boxing, and piano playing, engaging the audience in the reveling atmosphere. These performers onstage come from China, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Taiwan, acquainting the audience with their languages and music genre through their performances, and further enhance the image of Taipei Tech as an international-student-friendly campus.


The International Festival held annually aims to expose the students, both local and international, to the diversified cultures assembled on campus so as to broaden the global visions. The students are able to have more conversations and communications in exchanging their opinion on learning, playing, or anything they are interested in, drawing closer the relationship among the students who have different majors and nationalities but gathered together at Taipei Tech. 

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