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The Opportunities Sought During the Visit to HKEX

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The Opportunities Sought During the Visit to HKEX


Located in Hong Kong, one of the most powerful financial centers in the world and the gateway between China and the world, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) boasts its largest exchanges in the world by market capitalization of listed companies with over US$ 3.9 trillion.


In December 2018, Taipei Tech Information and Finance Management paid a visit to this leading financial operator to learn more about the development and the circumstances of financial exchanges and transactions in Hong Kong.


“Visiting HKEX enables our students to learn how analysis of the policies, financial figures, and statistics are actually conducted,” said Dr. Chen Yu Wei, the Chair of Taipei Tech Information and Finance Management. “We are the first academic visitors from Taiwan, and good impressions left on each other might also bring opportunities of internship for our students during the coming summer vacation.”


HKEX is one of the most liable stock trading platforms in Hong Kong, with a variety of items traded every day, including equities, ETFs, REITs, bonds, structured equity products, equity index and single stock derivatives, currency futures and commodity derivatives. Meanwhile, it provides a comprehensive range of real-time and historic data feeds as the references for the investors.


Chen indicated that the Financial Featured Lab of Taipei Tech IFM has possessed the most updated stock trading software, and now is aiming for more. The visit this time has initiated the possibility of an innovative financial lab in seek of the cooperation and information exchange on big data, blockchains, and other data analysis regarding FinTech with HKEX.


Academic lecture invitation was also given to the Vice Director of HKEX for the purpose of the internationalization of courses that draw the students closer to the international market.


“With an enormous amount of financial exchanges and the much higher paying job opportunities, Hong Kong has been attractive to many finance-majored graduates in Asia, or even worldwide,” said Wu Chien Wen, Taipei Tech IFM Associate Professor. ”Taipei Tech IFM will also sharpen the English proficiency and the international financial knowledge of the students to qualify themselves to the HKEX internship, and, most of all, to get well-prepared for their future career that is closely connected to the world.“


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