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Taipei Tech Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) enlisted academia-industry cooperation with Walsin Technology Corporation (WTC) and Institute for Information Industry (III). Director Chiou Chyou Huey on behalf of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), President Wang Sea Fue of Taipei Tech, Acting President Hsiao Po Jen of III, and General Manager Gu Li Jing of WTC signed the memorandum of understanding for the strategic alliance.
The visit this time has initiated the possibility of an innovative financial lab in seek of the cooperation and information exchange on big data, blockchains, and other data analysis regarding FinTech with HKEX. Academic lecture invitation was also given to the Vice Director of HKEX for the purpose of the internationalization of courses that draw the students closer to the international market.
The students utilized their specialties in the architectural and business design to renovate the public spaces of the tribe by building up an agricultural marketing platform that also functions as the senior care and activity center. In December this year, with the name of “the Shihlei Friendly Vege” promoted online, the vegetable fair held by the local tribe and these students has ended in success.
“The Woodworker’s Home” is the collaborative presentation among Taipei Tech W. School and other fourteen universities in Taiwan which has woodworking-related majors and courses. More than thirty pieces of works exhibited center on the spirits of home.
On the rising tide of the US-China trade war, many have been curious, or even fearful, of the impact or change it has on Taiwan’s economy. Taipei Tech International Academia-Industry Alliance (IAIA) and the office of Industry-Academia Cooperation hosted a forum on the strategies towards the US-China trade war, inviting the renowned entrepreneurs in Taiwan to give a speech.
Taipei Tech and TBI Motion continue co-hosted the 4th annual competition on smart automation for the university students. With NT$400,000 in the prize pool and free components provided for the teams attending, the competition has motivated dozens of groups from different universities to make an attempt on their best.
Taipei Smart Material’s innovative techniques and materials are believed to replace current medical plaster and metal braces which are heavier and more expensive. Substantially empowered at its beginning phase, now TSM is ambitiously targeting the global market worthy of nearly USD three billion dollars.
This year’s conference, Literary Fantasy and Its Discontents, hosted by the Taipei Tech Department of English on November 23–24, explored the hazy boundaries between fantasy and reality in literary texts, films, and purported non-fiction.
Hosted on Nov 28 this year, the International Festival brought you a series of performances from students of different cultures and countries with free entry, food, and drinks, and would let you know how talented these international students are.
In closing up the gap between learning and applying, Taipei Tech made a further attempt this year to hold its first intern fair. Approximately 50 employers were attending, with more than 300 intern jobs available.