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To reduce waste and in response to Government’s eco-friendly policy, we replaces disposable utensils with more sustainable alternatives in school cafeteria.
Taipei Tech Career Expo attracts more than 120 enterprises that are seeking talents on campus. Nearly 6,000 job vacancies are expected to be released. Well-known companies such as Amazon, TSMC, and Hon Hai all participate.
3D printing enables fast mass production. But can it still possess personalized feature anyway? See how Taipei Tech is tacking this problem.
Taipei Tech student Guo Shu-yu won first prize in the 2018 McDonald Design Award. Customers can see Guo’s design in stores next year.
Signing MoU with Audi, Taipei Tech prepares to contribute its R&D resources to foster academia-industry cooperation.
Taipei Tech is using analytical tools to identify opportunities and tactics as it drives for greater international recognition.
The atmosphere of celebrating Chinese New Year has arrived on Taipei Tech campus at the spring-festival get-together event held on February 21.
A team from Taipei Tech Master Program of Innovation and Design wants to lower transit cost by replacing traditional fruit wrap made by plastics foam with a retractable fruit bag called “Solidwrap”.
How to effectively reunite lost kid and their parents is an important issue needed to be solved. Bodyguard Sticker, designed by Taipei Tech student Huang Yan-ting, Chen Yan-ting, and Ni Chiao-jun, is a possible solution to these problems.
The result of Taipei Tech 14th President Election came out on November 17, 2017. Dr. Wang Sea-fue, Taipei Tech Distinguished Professor of Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, was elected as Taipei Tech’s new President and officially arrived at his post on February 1, 2018.