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[ 2011-03-01 ] New Era, New President
2011,the centenary since the foundation of NTUT, is an important year for both faculty and students at NTUT. This special year not only represents the new era of NTUT, but also celebrates the inauguration of the new President of NTUT, Dr. Leehter Yao (姚立德). President Yao is the first alumnus who was selected as the new President of NTUT since the university was founded one hundred years ago. For NTUT, it is a crowning glory for President Yao to assume the position.
Second NTUT PV Forum opened and concluded with success on October 27th. It was organized by Research and Development Center, MOE Industry and University Cooperation Program for 3C Industry, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-conditioning Engineering along with its alumni association and supervised by Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs.