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Taipei Tech has been working with Ministry of Labor to establish Integrated Academia-Industry Education Programs (IAIE Programs) since 2013. On July 6, 148 students completed their graduation requirements including 1,800-hours of technique training, getting technician certificate, and internship. Taipei Tech president Prof. Sea-Fue Wang encouraged them to keep learning in order to stay competitive in the ever-changing world.
Collaborates with the Ministry of Finance, Taipei Tech is sending 5 students to Customs Museum as interns this summer. This academia-industry cooperation can be seen as another attempt of the university to promote boundaryless university. Shuo-Ren Yang, one of the students in the internship program, believed that this opportunity will benefit her both in completing her thesis and connecting to workplace.
Dual-degree EMBA program has been offered by Taipei Tech and the University of Texas Arlington since 2016. After 2 years of studying, some graduates led by College of Management Dean Prof. Chui-Yu Chiu decided to fly to the United States and participate their commencement ceremony with their nearly 100 counterparts at Arlington, Texas.
This year, 4,102 Taipei Tech graduates are ready for moving on to the next stop of their journey. Honorary Degree Ceremony for Prof. Ruey-Tsair Wang, who served 60 years at Taipei Tech, was also held on June 9. President Sea-Fue Wang and Pegatron Chairman Tse-Hsien Tung gave graduates their blessings and advice.
A workshop on repairing video cassette tape was held on Taipei Tech campus. In addition to teach student how to repair these traditional tapes, Taipei Tech also called for VHS tapes which depict the look of Provincial Taipei Institute of Technology, Taipei Tech’s predecessor.
2018 BEST Conference & International Symposium on Biotechnology and Bioengineering will be held at Taipei Tech on 28-30 June. This year the theme of the conference is “Green Biotechnology.”
Taipei Tech signed MoU with the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, in May to jointly cultivate professionals in museum industry. Activities such as sessions, guide tours, guide training, and internship are expected to enrich students’ theory background and practical experience.
[ 2018-05-24 ] Design for a better world
The 2018 graduation exhibition of the Department of Industrial Design started from May 16 at the Arts & Culture Center on campus. 65 students presented their works that were designed for improving people’s lives.
Taipei Tech student,Wang Hsuan (王瑄), who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS has won the president’s education award due to her efforts to design environments friendlier to people with impairments.
The inauguration ceremony of Taipei Tech Distance Learning Center was held on May 10.Rotary International donated computers and camera systems that are essential for distance learning. With Taipei Tech student acting as teacher, the center is expected to provide more learning resources to rural schools.