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ried Tofu is a common food in Eastern countries yet not so much in Eastern countries. Dogan Tofu Press designed by Taipei Tech student Liu Yu-ting simplified the process of making dried Tofu and was reported by the BBC for its creativity.
The 2017 Taipei International Design Award announced its winners on Oct. 26. Led by Dr. Zheng Mong-cong, Taipei Tech team won two Distinction of Industrial Design awards with their works Wingnal and Equidistant.
Taipei Tech i Foundry and InnoMaking Space celebrate its 2nd anniversary on November 9. I foundry aims at assisting start-ups throughout the process by providing services such as matching, consulting, and space etc.
Over 10% of founders, board directors, CEO of Taiwan’s listed stock companies are Taipei Tech alumni. We dedicated in boosting innovation and entrepreneurship on campus. In order to do so, we invited 6 successful entrepreneurs back to school and shared their stories with students.
From October 27 to November 11, Li Bing-gui's wood-carving exhibition will be held at Taipei Tech Arts Center. Li Bing-gui is officially recognized by Ministry of Culture as a master in Zao-hua whose family were all in the same business for six generations.
The first dual-degree EMBA program officially approved by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education is now open for registration. Offered by Taipei Tech and the University of Texas, Arlington, the program has made a tremendous progress in both teaching/learning and academic collaboration since its first class launched in 2016.
Taipei Medical University (TMU) and National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) yesterday announced the establishment of a cooperative research platform focused on brain science.
Taipei Tech and Taipei Medical University join hands to establish the Brain Intelligence Technology Center aimed at explore more possibilities between medical and technology.
Taipei Tech celebrates its 106th anniversary on October 28, 2017 with a series of great events on campus. Giving out honorary degree to outstanding alumni is one of the traditions at Taipei Tech. This year, the Conferment of Honorary Degrees for Walter Shen, Chairman of Topkey Group, is part of the University’s celebration.
International Warsaw Invention Show (IWIS) is the largest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe international event related to innovation and inventiveness. 2017 IWIS, Taiwan team won 60 medals including 1 platinum medal, 31 gold medals, 19 silver medals, 2 bronze medals, and 7 special medals.