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Taipei Tech and Chiba Institute of Technology (hereafter CIT) renewed the memorandum of understanding on student and learning exchanges during the visit of CIT delegates to Taipei Tech in March 2019.
Taipei Tech Career Expo took place on 20 March 2019. This was also the first time for Taipei Tech Career Expo to host an on-site job fair and online job-matching platform through 1111 Job Bank, which in total provided 16,000 well-paying offers for the graduating students and job seekers.
The annual job fair is going to be held at Taipei Tech on March with more than 6,000 job opportunities from nearly 150 domestic and international companies.
The Internet of Things has been applied to all kinds of devices for a more convenient life, and it is going to be combined with the artificial intelligence with the coming of the new 5G era in 2020. Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) and Taipei Tech International Academic-Industry Alliance (IAIA) saw the potentials of such combination, and therefore hosted the Trends Forum on the Application of 5G/AIoT and smart electro-optics.
China Times Weekly (CTW) and 1111 Job Bank conducted a survey about the favorable university graduates for corporations in Taiwan. The results show that the National Taiwan University top all the other university graduates, and National Taipei University of Technology overlook all the other TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) university graduates.
Taipei Tech is also endeavoring to realize its university social responsibilities regarding education, senior care, culture, and nature. Taipei Tech has also been leveraging the data analysis on the students, employees, financial management, etc., to facilitate teaching and university operation. Now Taipei Tech Institutional Research and University Responsibility Office had its grand opening ceremony on Jan 18, 2018.
Taipei Tech Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) enlisted academia-industry cooperation with Walsin Technology Corporation (WTC) and Institute for Information Industry (III). Director Chiou Chyou Huey on behalf of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), President Wang Sea Fue of Taipei Tech, Acting President Hsiao Po Jen of III, and General Manager Gu Li Jing of WTC signed the memorandum of understanding for the strategic alliance.
The visit this time has initiated the possibility of an innovative financial lab in seek of the cooperation and information exchange on big data, blockchains, and other data analysis regarding FinTech with HKEX. Academic lecture invitation was also given to the Vice Director of HKEX for the purpose of the internationalization of courses that draw the students closer to the international market.
The students utilized their specialties in the architectural and business design to renovate the public spaces of the tribe by building up an agricultural marketing platform that also functions as the senior care and activity center. In December this year, with the name of “the Shihlei Friendly Vege” promoted online, the vegetable fair held by the local tribe and these students has ended in success.