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As Taiwan’s oldest technical university with its 100-year-old tradition as the country’s cradle of entrepreneurs, Taipei Tech unveiled its first eco-friendly car in October 2011 as part of its centenary celebrations.
Professor Hung, Tzu-Chen was one of the first scholars in Taiwan to research on waste heat recovery. Years ago when the issue of energy shortage and energy crisis still isn’t prominent to most people, professor Hung had already started addressing it.
The National Taipei University of Technology (TAIPEI TECH) has been organizing the 2012 International Quasicrystals Conference since last year. The moment was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of TAIPEI TECH, but also the 30th anniversary of the discovery of Quasicrystals. TAIPEI TECH had chosen to celebrate these events by inviting the father of the Quasicrystals field, Prof. Dan Shechtman, even before his Nobel Laureate in 2011. However, the Nobel Prize added considerable prestige to the conference.
Though the world faces enormous energy hurdles in the coming decades as developing countries modernize, Taipei Tech is the pioneer and prominent university that has designed its own electric vehicle called EV-1. In addition, Taipei Tech is the main core of developing electrical vehicle, and will cooperate the plan of "Intelligent Electric Vehicle" with the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.