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The graduation exhibition of Taipei Tech Department of Cultural Vocation Development began on Jan 4 at the Arts and Culture Center on campus. This year, the exhibition, entitled Holy Gift, is focus on looking tradition etiquette and custom through an innovative perspective.
The City Science Lab @ Taipei Tech (CSL) will mainly focus on Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) research and development. By contributing in areas including but not limited to Computer Science & Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electro-Optical Engineering, and so on, Taipei Tech expects to be part of the team that brings fundamental changes to the concept of transportation.
Taipei Tech i Foundry and InnoMaking Space celebrate its 2nd anniversary on November 9. I foundry aims at assisting start-ups throughout the process by providing services such as matching, consulting, and space etc.
Taipei Tech and Taipei Medical University join hands to establish the Brain Intelligence Technology Center aimed at explore more possibilities between medical and technology.
Taipei Tech celebrates its 106th anniversary on October 28, 2017 with a series of great events on campus. Giving out honorary degree to outstanding alumni is one of the traditions at Taipei Tech. This year, the Conferment of Honorary Degrees for Walter Shen, Chairman of Topkey Group, is part of the University’s celebration.
Hello, rookies. Welcome to Taipei Tech! The 2017 orientation was held on September 11 at the Chiang Kai-Shek Gymnasium and Auditorium. This half-day event is mandatory for all freshmen. Taipei Tech President Wenlung Li gave a briefing of the university as well as several key points that our new faces on campus need to know.
The late Robert Wu (吳清友) had spent years facing fierce competition in the business world, eventually coming to the conclusion that his life had developed "a kind of spiritual emptiness and unsettled purpose." It was his subsequent search for meaning that led Wu to develop Taiwan's renowned art-and-architecture bookstore chain, Eslite (誠品).
Taipei Tech Wood School and National Taiwan University Design School joint-handed opened a course that gives students an opportunity to experience the glamour of wood art. 20 students from NTU were chosen among 150 applicants to attend this 5 day course and make their own wood design product from scratch.
Taipei Tech celebrates another commencement on June 10 in the recently restored Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. The 2017 graduates, over 4,000 students, gathered to mark a beginning of their new phase of life. Distinguished guests including Dr. Leether Yao, Political Deputy Minister of MOE, H. E. Ambassador Thamie Dlamini from Swaziland, Dr. Yu-hui Yang, Director-General of Technological and Vocational Education of MOE, and Xiao-shen Wang, President of Taipei Tech Alumni Association all attended the meaningful event.
Hosted by the Ministry of Education and co-hosted by Taipei Tech, the 2017 APEC Career and Technical Education (CTE) Taipei Forum was held on April 25 at the GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center. Delegates from over 7 countries gathered on campus to exchange their experiences and thoughts on industry-academia cooperation models.